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Mohau Pheko

​“A fuel cell is a bit like a battery, but it needs no slow charging. It produces electricity as long as fuel and air are supplied to it.”

Commercial Diplom​at


“If your Investment strategy does not include or make Africa central to your business growth, you are loosing out.”

Having served as a senior diplomat in two G8 countries: Canada & Japan, I advise global companies on Trade opportunities and negotiations.

Innovation Catalyst

​African Luxury  Marketer

“I have a fierce passion for innovation and unbridled desire to market African luxury.
“ "In the years since Yves Saint Laurent showed his iconic 1967 “African” collection, fashion designers have repeatedly tapped the heritage of Africa in search of inspiration.​"

I am Mohau Pheko

an entrepreneur,  innovation catalyst,  digital marketer, commercial diplomat,  thought leader and  African luxury brand marketer. My work and this site is devoted to sharing ideas, conversations, and  spaces that will inspire and make  you curious about  leading innovation.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader & a follower’ –Steve Jobs